Minerva Wallet is a user friendly app for
sovereign identities, data and money.

Minerva is like your physical wallet and it simplifies everything around your identities and moneys, while you always stay in control over your assets.

for iOS

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Minerva Wallet comes with a varity of features and integrations.
Here are some we'd like to point out.

Manage many accounts on many Networks

WalletConnect to your favourite DeFi application

Gain control with Decentralized Identities

Your favourite blockchains and all digital assets

Be your own sovereign

Control your money, data and identities all in one
simple and intuitive wallet.

Sovereign money

Money is redefined since the invention of Bitcoin and is now available in the form of thousands of tokens.

In Minerva Wallet you can easily manage them all in one intuitive user interface.

Own your keys

Not your keys, not your money,
not your data, not your identity.

Your control over the cryptographic keys is essential and Minerva Wallet makes this as simple as technically possible.

Unique identifiers

In the Minerva Wallet you can create your unique identifiers (=DIDs) and use them for a growing number of applications.

Your are now in control of your identities.

MIVA Tokenomics

The Minerva Wallet SuperToken is a streamable utility token, planned to provide a wide range of benefits and incentives for Minerva Wallet users.

Fixed Supply of
1,000,000,000 $MIVA

40% User Engagement

15% Minerva Community

15% Team

30% Reserve

MIVA MIVA SuperToken Icon
Minerva Wallet SuperToken
Streamable token (Superfluid)
Current price:
1 MIVA =
-.------ xDai
Total liquidity:
----.-- $ in MIVA:xDAI Pool

More about MIVA

Distribution started on: March 29th, 2021

1.000.000MIVA already distributed
399.000.000MIVA in User Engagement Pool

In desperate need of xDai?

To interact with the xDai Chain - like sending/streaming MIVA to someone.
We got you covered!

If you have at least 10 MIVA in your account and a xDai balance of 0, you can request 0.01 xDai once.

Get xDai

See the faucet status on Blockscout.

If you want to contribute to the Minerva xDai Faucet, feel free to donate xDai directly to the faucets address "0x10202FcB54298980fB7114221c2B73fbA423B5E7"

Become an official tester

Active testers will be rewarded with MIVA Tokens streamed to their Minerva Wallet.


For developers

You want to connect with the Minerva Wallet Team,
have a look at the code or want to help with the development?

The lab10 collective on Github


Ask us on Gitter